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[Some movies are too badly made to be listed here. There is one exception, but that is because it is made by a pretty good director and it has got rave reviews from some quarters. To avoid misconception, please note that Touch of Evil (a movie that made me cringe) is not listed here. Even Hostel and Cannibal Holocaust are not listed, though they came quite close. The James Bond Hyper Series was seriously considered too, but in the end was classified as being very seductive but merely Hypo Silly, with the silliness decreasing every decade, making one feel the need of a James Bond song, a bit in the vein of the Henry Kissinger song]

[In quite an alphabetical order]

  1. Basic Instinct (Mother of all con movies with intellectual pretensions)
  2. Birth of a Nation (The poisoned birth of the blockbuster by a man it is hard not to admire)
  3. Fatal Attraction (B-grade version of Basic Instinct)
  4. Psycho (Hitchcock’s supreme achievement in evil titillation: compare it with The Night of the Hunter and you can see the hollowness of Hitchcock’s purely technical brilliance)
    • By the way, here is a movie about a real-life psycho. An historical psycho. A legendary psycho.
  5. Rambo Series: Bewitchingly seductive evil movies targeted at adolescents. If there is anything on Earth that can corrupt the minds of young people, it is this, it is this, it is this.
  6. Ronin (A somewhat sophisticated kind of evil propaganda that also defiled a place made famous by Van Gogh)
  7. Shoot on Sight (Shameless Charlie Chan-ish sucking up to the Masters of the Universe)
  8. Taken (2008) (Actually, more unbelievably stupid than evil: one of the worst made movies I have ever seen, which takes something away from the evilness of the movie)
  9. The Deer Hunter (Even more sophisticated piece of evil propaganda, also starring ‘the Taxi Driver guy’)
  10. Wednesday (A movie made for Narendra Modi – who is said to have come with his whole cabinet to the premiere – starring two of India’s great actors I used to admire)

[The list is intended to be provocative and if you think it is provocative, you won’t be branded a ‘faux intellectual’. Or a pervert for that matter.]


Written by anileklavya

November 16, 2009 at 12:06 pm

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